When you compliment us by sending a new customer our way, we want to show our gratitude with a *free month of services!

Referred clients must be registered into our Referral Program under your company name before signing their Managed Service agreement and must sign an agreement with us within 90 days of registration. Existing Clients who have already been referred do not qualify as a referral under the Managed Solution Client Referral Program.

  • Register the referred client by completing the form (Registering a *referred client keeps the referral valid for three months or 90 days)
  • You rave to your professional counterparts about how amazing we are! They get super excited and want to hear more.
  • Managed Solution will reward your respect and loyalty with a discount on services up to a full month free.*
  • There is no limit to how many free months you can earn, 12 new customers, you can earn a year of free services! 

*Referring clients are eligible for an one time invoice reduction in the amount of referred clients 1st month of services (excluding any onboarding fees) not to exceed $1,500.00. Offer may not be combined with other offers or incentives unless prior approval is granted in writing. Offer can be repeated for each subsequent, successful net-new Managed Service Agreement referred.

Other Managed Solution Partner Programs

 Partner Program

Add Managed Solution as your preferred Technology Partner so you can offer your customers IT services to help improve productivity, set predictable controlled costs and reduce the impact of infrastructure challenges on their daily operations.  

Non-Profit Referral Program

Customers, partners and friends of Managed Solution can donate their referral incentives back to the community. 

Non-Profit organizations are eligible to receive a donation from these referrals.



 Referral Program

Send us a good referral and earn cash!
If you are not interested in joining our partner program, you can still receive incentives for a referral.